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The city of Boise is a great place live or visit. It offers a great outdoor lifestyle with a great city pulse. You are close to skiing, hiking, biking and many more outdoor sports. You can also join in on college sports and cultural opportunities.


Boise Corporate Housing is here to help you with your personal or professional needs when it comes to temporary apartments in Boise. We can offer you accommodations to fit your budget and housing size.


If you choose to live near the university or a short ride from downtown Boise, our housing inventory lets you choose which serves you best. Boise Corporate Housing understands how important it is to have a convenient location to your daytime work activities.


Our temporary apartments in Boise are fully furnished with quality interiors and warm touches that will make you feel a little closer to home. Boise Corporate Housing realized that an extended stay with us means you are away from home and we want you to be as comfortable as possible while you stay with us.


We also offer fully equipped kitchens with high end appliances and kitchenware. All of our temporary apartments in Boise will allow you to prepare a full meal or a cup of coffee. You will also be able to do your laundry with access to a washer dryer.


Boise Corporate Housing understands that when you are away from home for a long period of time, the everyday things like cooking and cleaning are what allow for a productive day. These are the things that help the transition go smoothly.


Our temporary apartments in Boise also offer bedrooms that have luxurious bedding, linens and towels. Boise Corporate Housing knows that a good night sleep is very important to a productive day and we equip our executive suites with everything you need so that can happen


Our staff at Boise Corporate Housing is knowledgeable and here to answer all of your questions. We will help find you the perfect temporary apartments in Boise and also be here for you with any questions you have while you are staying with us.


Our properties offer many amenities such as a fitness center or a swimming pool, walkways and greenspaces. Boise Corporate Housing wants you to enjoy the same peaceful environment that you enjoy at home.


When you stay with us, you don’t feel like a tourist like you do in a hotel. Our temporary apartments in Boise are located in Boise communities with local residents. You will see why living in our city is a great experience and something for everyone who stays with us gets to enjoy.


So please call Boise Corporate Housing today and let us get started with finding you the perfect home here. Our number is 800-653-2504 . We wait for your call!